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The discharge coefficient is a dimensionless number used to characterise the flow and pressure loss behaviour of nozzles and orifices in fluid systems Orifices and nozzles are typically used to deliberately reduce pressure restrict flow or to measure flow rate This article gives typical values of the discharge coefficient for common orifice and nozzle designs Solutions to Upgrade Your Automotive Production Processes The automotive industry is one the prime movers of the economy As a manufacturer you strive to produce quality components and vehicles in a fast-paced environment impacted by changing trends Emerson helps improve your efficiency and flexibility to stay on time and on budget


THE INSTABILITY OF SUPERPOSED FLOW* By S S LIANG (Stone and Webster Engineering Corp ) AND B S SEIDEL (University of Delaware) Abstract The interfacial instability of a stratified two-phase flow is studied Two independent cases are investigated: first the instability of an idealized atmosphere (density

Ensure the flow diversion device diverts immediately when the flow deviates from set points (above high set point or below low set point) After the safe flow is re-established set a legal hold time (15 seconds for milk or 25 seconds for ice-cream) delay before forward flow

Fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) is the most important conversion process used in petroleum refineries It is widely used to convert the high-boiling hydrocarbon fractions of petroleum crude oils to more valuable gasoline olefinic gases and other products Catalytic cracking of petroleum hydrocarbons for conversion of heavy to lighter fractions was originally done by thermal

A chart called a 'nomogram' can be used to estimate your predicted peak flow if you are male or your age and height It is important to remember that everyone is different and you should be guided by what is normal for you Measuring your peak flow when you feel well will establish your normal or best peak flow

The difference between them is that they use different pins Seriously that's it The reason they both exist is that RTS/CTS wasn't supposed to ever be a flow control mechanism originally it was for half-duplex modems to coordinate who was sending and who was receiving

Goldsmithing: Stone Setting Techniques

The object is anchored by whatever method suits the studio and the stone setter: in the example shown in figure 12 6 it has been attached to a shellac (or pitch) stick The first step is to secure the stone sufficiently that it won't jump about as the bezel is being pressed over Though tempting glue should not be used for this because it

Figure 5-5 A uniform open-channel flow: the depth and the velocity profile is the same at all sections along the flow 12 One kind of problem that is associated with uniform flow is what the channel slope will be if discharge Q water depth d and bed sediment size D are specified or imposed upon the flow

Set against the backdrop of civil war and chaos in 1990's Sierra Leone Blood Diamond is the story of Danny Archer - an ex mercenary from Zimbabwe - and Solomon Vandy - a Mende fisherman Both men are African but their histories as different as any can be until their fates become joined in a common quest to recover a rare pink diamond that

Chapter 6 Stream Hydraulics Cover photo: Stream hydraulics focus on bankfull frequencies veloci-ties and duration of flow both for the current condition as well as the condition anticipated with the project in place Effects of vegetation are considered both in terms of protec-tion of the bank materials as well as on changes in hydrau-

+Hydraulic jump in a pipe +Hydraulic jump horizontal rectangular channel +Critical depth in circular culvert +Bernoulli (pitot tube dam sluice gate) +Discharge from a tank (steady state) +Time to empty tank Flumes: +Parshall (submerged and free flow) graph table +Trapezoidal rectangular U (Palmer) Parshall (free flow) graph chart Weirs

The chief drawbacks to this approach are well-documented: it is not responsive to change and it takes a long time to deliver working software When technology forms the field of play and drives every change a six month (or longer) release cycle with requirements chiseled in stone does not meet the business need

Press J to jump to the feed Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts r/synthesizers log in sign up User account menu 19 New Signal Flow Diagram for a few Synths Close 19 Posted by u/LogicProGEM_com 1 year ago Archived New Signal Flow Diagram for a few Synths If you use any of the following synths then you might find the signal flow

14 Gradually Varied Flow Profiles Physical laws governing the head variation in open channel flow 1) Gravity (So) is the driving force for flow 2) If So = Sf then dE/dx = 0 and flow is uniform (normal depth) 3) Gravity (So) is balanced by friction resistance (Sf) and longitudinal adjustment in specific energy (dE/dx)

5 Ways To Handle The Passing Of Time In Your Story

How do you show how much time has passed in a short story or in a novel? Events happen characters develop and so time flows But as your story stretches across days weeks and years it's impossible to write every moment So how do you

Pick up a stone and lift it over your head (not a very big stone please) It takes energy to lift the stone Your muscles have to push the stone up against the force of gravity The force of gravity is trying to pull it back down to the ground As long as you hold the stone over your head the stone is storing the energy you exerted to lift it

Calculation of the hydraulic radius for various channel cross section shapes is an important part of using the Manning equation for open channel flow calculations Three common open channel cross sections the rectangle trapezoid and triangle are covered in this article The hydraulic radius for open channel flow is defined as the cross sectional area of flow divided by the

All About swim lane diagrams In my previous posts I described the details of value stream mapping However value stream mapping works only for highly linear material and information flows Unfortunately many industry processes especially in administrative or indirect areas are all but highly linear

Test 1 : Standard Slump and Flow Table Tests Objective To determine the reference slump value for Kistner concrete mix design and to calibrate it against an equivalent measure using a flow table Materials Natural coarse aggregate and siliceous fine aggregate with maximum size of 3/8 in supplied by Kistner Concrete Products Inc

Chapter 9 Hydraulic Structures September 2017 Urban Drainage and Flood Control District 9-1 Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual Volume 2 Structures in Streams Hydraulic structures are used to guide and control water flow in streams Structures described in this chapter consist of grade control structures and

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